How To Send a Fax from your Computer

Using a Xerox WorkCentre in your office, you can fax any document that you can print directly from your computer. This includes E-mails, PDFs and Word documents.

  1. Open the document you want to fax
  2. Click Print to open the print dialog
  3. Change the printer to XeroxFax
  4. Click on Print to print to the XeroxFax
  5. The Fax window should appear
  6. Add the recipients for this fax. This can be accomplished one of two ways

Adding a New Recipient
Click on the  Add Recipient button to add a new recipient. Fill in the Name and Fax Number (including 1 + Area Code) then click OK. Repeat to add additional recipients.

Adding Recipients from your Phone book
Click on the  Add from Phone book button to add a recipient who was previously saved into your phone book. Click on the recipients you want to send to, highlighting their names. Click on the  Add button. Click OK.

Optional - If you want to save recipients to your phone book first, click and highlight the recipients in the list. Click the  Save button.

  1. Optional - Confirmation pages are not printed by default. To enable them, click on the Options tab. Change the Confirmation Sheet option to “Print a Confirmation Sheet
  2. To send the fax, click OK from the Fax window.
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