Using PDF Forms

PDF-XChange Editor has built-in features specifically for filling in PDF forms. Below is an explanation of those features.

Highlighting Fillable Fields

PDF-XChange Editor gives you the ability to highlight all fillable fields to make them easier to identify. You can enable/disable this feature by pressing Ctrl + Alt + H or clicking on Form > Highlight Fields at the top of the window. All fields (and buttons) will be highlighted a light blue. All fields that are required to be filled out before saving (or submitting) will also be outlined in red

Resetting a Form

If you need to fill out a form more than once, you can quickly clear all the filled in fields using the Reset feature. Click on Form > Reset Form at the top of the window.

Submitting Via Email

Some forms have a submit button which will generate an email with the filled out form attached. You may receive the following prompt the first time you click on this button:

Click on Remember my choice then Send by Mail Client to start an email in Outlook and prevent this prompt appearing again.

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