How To Add Additional Email Addresses to Outlook

This process allows you to access another email address (mailbox) other than your own along side your current mailbox. This is particularly useful when you need to monitor a shared email address.

  1. Click on File
  2. Click on Account Settings then Account Settings…
  3. Click on Change
  4. Click on More Settings
  5. Click on the Advanced Tab
  6. Click on Add
  7. Enter the mailbox name provided. If a mailbox name has not been provided, enter the email address of the account you are connecting to without the Click on OK.
  8. Click on OK
  9. Click on OK to close the Settings window.
  10. Click on Next then click on Finish to close the Accounts window
  11. Click on Close
  12. You should now have an additional mailbox in the left column of Outlook. The title will contain the mailbox name from Step 7.


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