How To Add or Edit An Email Signature

Email signatures automatically appear under new emails and replies. Typically, they contain your name and contact information.

  1. Click on File
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on Mail in the left hand Column
  4. Click on Signatures along the right side of the window
  5. Select a signature to EDIT or click on New if a signature does not exist and enter any name you desire into the window that appears then click OK
  6. In the lower half of the window, type corrections to or paste your email signature from the Word templates. Email Signature templates can be found here: Q:\Graphics, Templates & Forms\Email Signature Templates
  7. Make sure you fill in the appropriate details: Name, Title, Phone numbers (c=cell, dd=direct dial number, t=main office number and extension and f=fax) and e=your email address
  8. Click on Save once you have completed your signature
  9. In the top right corner, select the signature you want to use for “New messages” and “Replies/forwards”
    Repeat steps 5-8 to use a different signature for "Replies/forwards"
  10. Click on OK to save changes then click on OK to close the Options window
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