How To Use Secure Print

If you are printing sensitive information to a shared Xerox printer, you can use a feature called Secure Print to protect your print jobs. Secure print tells the Xerox to wait until you enter a personal passcode before printing out your jobs. This is also a great way to print multiple print jobs all at once to prevent them from being mixed in with other people’s print jobs.

Note: This only works with the following Xerox models - 5855, 5875, 5955, 7455

  1. Click on File > Print within the application
  2. Choose your Xerox printer then click on Printer Properties
  3. Change Job Type from “Normal Print” to “Secure Print”
  4. Enter a 4-10 digit passcode then click on OK twice to close the properties window.
  5. Click Print
  6. At the Xerox Printer press the Job Status button
  7. Tap on the Secure Print Jobs tab
  8. Tap on your name in the list and enter your passcode from step 4 when prompted.
  9. Tap on Release All to print out all secure print jobs at once.
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