How to Make Text in a PDF Searchable

Sometimes PDF’s, such as architectural drawings, are created with text in the document however the PDF program cannot select or find that text in a search. OCR is a feature which will make all the text in the PDF selectable and searchable.

  1. Click on Document > OCR Pages to open the the OCR dialog
  2. Under Page Range, choose All Pages or enter the specific pages you want to run OCR on

Note: The more pages you run OCR on and the higher the Accuracy, the longer the process will take

  1. Leave the rest of the options as their defaults and click OK to begin the process
  2. A progress bar will appear onscreen. You will be unable to use the program with any PDF’s while this process us running. Once OCR is complete, your PDF will now have searchable and selectable text.
  3. Save the PDF if you want to preserve these changes

Note: Sometimes, poor quality PDF’s make it difficult for OCR to recognize the Text and properly convert it. If you find you are unable to select or search text after running OCR, repeat the process but change Accuracy from Medium to High before completing Step 3.


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