How to Extract Pages from a PDF

Sometimes you will have a large PDF document that contains many pages that you do not require. You can use the Extract Pages feature to create a new document containing the specific pages you require. This method is preferred over using the pdf printer because it ensures that the new document size is a small as possible.

  1. Click on Document > Extract Pages to open the Extract pages dialog.
  2. Under Page Range, choose Pages then enter the page you want in the new document. You can enter a range (1-5), specific pages out of sequence ( 6, 9, 11) or a combination of both (1-5,7,9,13-15).
  3. Leave the rest of the other options as their defaults.
  4. Click on Browse button  near the bottom right corner to select the name and location of the new file. Click OK
  5. Click on OK under the Extract pages dialog to begin the process. A progress bar will appear.
  6. Once the extraction is complete, a window will open to the location where you saved the new copy of the PDF.
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