What Is My Windows Password?

Your windows password is most often used to log on to your computer in the office. It may also be referred to as your "computer password".

This password not only allows you to log onto computers within the company but also use other services such as email on mobile devices, remote access to your computer and email from a webpage.

This password protects your data, email, accounts and company systems from unauthorized access. It is the first defense against malicious activity targeting both you and the company. 

It is essential that you protect this password and do not share it with anyone. For more info on what you can and cannot use as a password, see the User Account Password Policy.

To change your windows password see How To Change Your Computer Password.

Note: Whenever you change your windows password, anything using that password (working from home or email on your phone) will need to be updated to use the new password. Failure to do so in a timely manner could result in your account being locked out. For more info see User Account Lock Out Policy.

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