How Do I Use SonicWALL NetExtender?

With NetExtender installed, you can securely connect to the company network outside of the office. Below is the information required to use NetExtender.

Note: If NetExtender is not installed, see How to Install SonciWALL NetExtender

  1. Click on Start > Dell SonicWALL NetExtender > Dell SonicWALL NetExtender. Alternatively you can click on the  icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Fill in each field as indicated below:

Server –
Username – Your Windows Username
Password – Your Windows Password
Domain – shanahans.local

Note: You can lock out your account by logging in with the incorrect password too many times. See User Account Lock Out Policy for more info.

  1. Change the dropdown to “Save user name & password if server allows
  2. Click Connect
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