How To Install SonicWALL NetExtender

SonicWALL NetExtender is a VPN client which provides you with secure access to the company network from a personal PC. If NetExtender is already installed, see How do I Use SonicWALL NetExtender for more info.

  1. Open an Internet Explorer and browse to the following website.

Note: Windows 10 users need to make sure they open Internet Explorer from the Start Menu and not Microsoft Edge.

  1. Enter the site after progressing through the security warning by clicking 'More Information' and then the 'Go on to the webpage (not recommended)' link at the bottom of the page
  2. Enter your Windows Username and Windows Password then click Login
  3. A prompt for Install SMA Connect Agent will appear. Click DOWNLOAD.

  4. Click on Windows.exe Under NetExtender Clients to download the program.
  5. Click on Run. 
  6. If you get the below User Account Control prompt, please click 'Yes'
  7. Click on Next
  8. Click on I accept the terms of the License Agreement then Next
  9. Click on Next.
  10. Click on Install.
  11. A security warning will appear. Click Install
  12. Check the box to "Always trust software from SonicWALL Inc."
  13. Click on Finish.

Once NetExtender has finished installing, the program window will appear. Proceed to How To Use NetExtender to configure and connect.

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